We are happy to add a bit of shine to your art options.

    Our NEW 4" x 4" Mini Art on Aluminum in our gift box

    Perfect to set around your home or give as a gift.

    They come with your choice of image and color choice of easel...Natural or Black.

    The images are in the same order as their titles under design choice. The first photo is not counted in the list.

    If you are giving one as a gift, they can be signed on the back with a Sharpie.

    *A note on the "Man with Idea" and "Woman with Idea"...Ken did a commission for a New York patent attorney for his office. The originals  were two large handmade paper with the oil painting on that paper.  Each "idea" is on the opposite side of the Petroglyph.  Every time I look at these two images they make me HAPPY and inspire my ideas!